Natural Hair

Editor’s Note: An updated version of this post has been published on It is safe to say that I have had more than my share of hairstyles in my day. It is also safe to say that I’ve always been pretty confident about the way I appeared to others, whether rocking a relaxed cut […]


“Can I have a quarter-pounder with cheese but no onions?” I said ordering my (unhealthy) meal from McDonald’s. As a youth, I hated onions. I thought they were gross and I didn’t understand why someone would want to eat something that could make you cry when prepping it. When the fast food workers would disregard my […]


Once upon a time, two women in Los Angeles County joined forces to bring together fashion designers, musicians, and other creatives under one roof. Those women, Andrea from The Pump Station LA and Kendra from Fascy Images, lovingly refer to themselves as “ThereGoThemGirlsAgain.” Over the last few months, they have been planning the Savoir-Faire, a […]


On a sunny Saturday afternoon during the 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Long Beach Youth had the chance to witness a fusion of music. And what do you know… I was there with them! Through a partnership with the Los Angeles Music Center, MusicUNTOLD provided free transportation and tickets to 50 Long Beach youth, […]

This post is for all the folks who have a vagina. And for those who have a loved one with a vagina. So, basically… this brief post is for everyone. Yes, you are included! If you haven’t noticed over the last two years that being healthy is totally trending, where have you been? Under a […]

Alice Smith-She

Every time I find a musical artist that I like, I end up listening to them every day for months on end. This is the story that began some months ago with Alice Smith. I first heard the singer when AfroBella tweeted about her Pandora station being “everything,” or something like that. Because I was […]

2013. The year for ups and downs. The year for challenges and questioning my purpose. The year to cry, laugh, have tough talks, yell, and do it all over again. I started one job in January, and another in August. I made moves, and as Derrick would quote Drake, “Making major changes to the life […]


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