On a sunny Saturday afternoon during the 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Long Beach Youth had the chance to witness a fusion of music. And what do you know… I was there with them! Through a partnership with the Los Angeles Music Center, MusicUNTOLD provided free transportation and tickets to 50 Long Beach youth, […]

This post is for all the folks who have a vagina. And for those who have a loved one with a vagina. So, basically… this brief post is for everyone. Yes, you are included! If you haven’t noticed over the last two years that being healthy is totally trending, where have you been? Under a […]

Alice Smith-She

Every time I find a musical artist that I like, I end up listening to them every day for months on end. This is the story that began some months ago with Alice Smith. I first heard the singer when AfroBella tweeted about her Pandora station being “everything,” or something like that. Because I was […]

2013. The year for ups and downs. The year for challenges and questioning my purpose. The year to cry, laugh, have tough talks, yell, and do it all over again. I started one job in January, and another in August. I made moves, and as Derrick would quote Drake, “Making major changes to the life […]

In a recent Fast Company article about Pharrell, he says, “The school system isn’t spending a lot of time looking for specific potential. We are bred to be worker bees; to grow up, get married, have a kid, drive a Volvo, do our taxes, invest in something, find a hobby.” More on my thoughts about this […]


I am almost certain that I have an overactive bladder or that I drink a high volume of water during my hours at the office. I usually shoot for about 70 oz. per day. Either way, I probably spend a collective 30 minutes in the restroom per work day. In those moments, I have time […]

Picture 4

Exactly four years ago (Happy Anniversary to us!), we decided we fancied one another enough to commit to a long distance relationship. We did not know how successful it would be but figured we’d give it a try. Over the years, friends and family have asked us how we make it work. Part of the […]


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