For Granted: My Experience with Marie Claire


Taking things for granted is a bad habit. Every so often, I reflect on my life and realize how many dope opportunities have been presented to me. I’ve traveled around the world, attended what is now ranked as the 8th public institution in the United States, and I have been connected with wisdom holders from many backgrounds.

One experience comes to my mind whenever I see a pair of jeans in my closet that are splattered with eight different colors of paint. I was fifteen when the principle of my school asked me if I wanted be a part of a photo shoot with a well-known magazine. Of course I obliged. How could I turn that down? The magazine was Marie Claire. Six girls from Green Dot Public Charter Schools were selected. I was one of them. And I was going to be able to meet Ashlee Simpson.

We were driven to a studio in Los Angeles, given the hair & makeup treatment, and fed some delicious meals. I felt like I was living the life. I can’t wait to be on set again, only next time that happens, I will likely be behind the scenes.

But back to my high school experience.

Call me crazy but I was a fan of the “Pieces of Me” singer. And I have her first album in my iTunes library. Yes, I do. Anyway, I enjoyed that day. Ashlee had a playlist for the day and we all danced on the set between takes. She was kind and very approachable. In retrospect, I wish I would had taken more advantage of that day. Maybe talked to Ashlee a little more. Get connected wit the journalist that interviewed her. Gotten to know more about how to set up a photoshoot. It is one of those, “you live and you learn” occurrences.

When the issue hit the shelves, I bought a copy. Unfortunately, I have don’t have it in my possession right now. It is in a box, somewhere in my mother’s home. But I was able to hunt down some photos. Oh the wonders of the internet! Check them out below!

I am the third girl from the left.

I’m the first girl from the left.

I am working on enjoying everyday, with little complaint and a lot of gratitude, while pouncing on every opportunity that presents itself. What are some moments that you have taken for granted? Or wish you could relive?

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