The Found Generation: No Kurfew Entertainment


Old folks that I have connected with have lost faith in my generation. That generation being those that are college age, and maybe a little younger. To them, we aren’t doing anything worth raving about. And sometimes I am one to agree with them. Then I end up being reminded that there are a lot of young people that are defying this stereotype.

The folks of No Kurfew Entertainment will surely help the our elder regain that faith they once had in us. Last week, I caught up with three-fifths of the production company. Ryan Hester, 21, Eddie Washington, 18, and Marcus Brown, 22, all from Fontana, California, have different talents but believe that bringing them together under one name will be beneficial.

The two-fifths of the group that were not at our chat are Whisper Goldsmith and Jesse Scott, both equally talented as the rest.

No Kurfew members grew up together and always had a curfew up until they turned eighteen. Marcus, being the oldest, was able to grow out his time regulations. But because this was his crew, he still ended up following the time restrictions. During their nights in, they talked about how they wished they didn’t have a curfew. But these were also the moments in which they were able to create. In the house for the night, they brainstormed ideas, made beats, drew, had photo shoots, and experimented through other creative outlets.

But of course those evenings in the early 2000s were only the beginning. The pentad has some things up their sleeves. From a clothing line to a possible web series, the group has been staying up long nights to ensure they put in work. Eddie said the team is his inspiration. Everyone is putting in work so it is fitting that he will do the same.

My conversation with them reminded me of Eric Thomas and his viral video about wanting to reach your goals as bad as you want to breath. Sometimes you’re going to have to give up some things. For Ryan, that’s sleep. “Sometimes, he goes days without sleeping,” said Eddie. That’s dedication. This bunch is holding nothing back at this point. “For so long, I sat back and watched people doing what they wanted to do.” He began wondering why he was not doing the same. That is when the grind went up a notch. In five years, people are going to know who No Kurfew is.

They are currently in collaboration with the RAC Foundation on a couple projects. To get a taste of what you may be able to expect, watch “A Joke Between Friends.”

All of the members are in school, work, and are pursuing their passions with No Kurfew. The Public Relations, Film, and Art major value every ‘like’ they get on Facebook or comment they received about their work. They are taking over, one person at a time. “We’re going global,” said Ryan.

All three have younger siblings who are referred to as “Kurfew Kids”. They are hoping to nurture them and give them opportunities to be a part of the company in the future. The folks of No Kurfew spend a lot of time together and said whenever they’re together, it’s a fun occasion. The men and woman of No Kurfew have a good time together whether that means working or bouncing around at Jump Sky High. Earlier this month, the group attended Dapper Day at Disneyland, an unofficial event at the theme park when people dress up and come together for sophisticated fun. Most of the time though, they are putting in work. “The grind itself is enjoyable,” said Ryan, who rarely gets sleep according to his fellow No Kurfew members.

A mix of passion, relationships with God, and dash of sleep drive them to work. And the great thing is they have fun doing it.

Check out this Floyd Mayweather Parody, played out by Eddie and recorded by Marcus.

No Kurfew loves working with people. If you have ideas about projects, hit them up.

To stay connected with No Kurfew:

Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, and Subscribe to them on Youtube.

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